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If you beeg videos enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the xnxx beeg world of male беег sexuality, please send your outline to whitewold999icqmail Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 21:25:45 -0800 (PST) From: Mark Hamme Subject: ED HELPS DADDY AND BECOMES MY UNCLE ED HELPS DADDY AND BECOMES MY UNCLE CHAPTER beeg tubes 1: WHAT I REALLY WANTED I started right after my eighteenth birthday to start mom beeg chronicling all this, and I must beag.com admit, it has taken me a while. Daddy and Uncle Ed have been telling me that I really had www beeg.com to wait until I turned 18 to put this all down. They have always been so good to me, and everything they have ever said to me has seemed tube beeg beeg. to be what is best. I am anal beeg telling beeg black this story of the special love I had in my earlier years. Some call this incest. I hope you won't read this if that upsets you or if my telling of sex between beeg sexxn boys and men offend you. 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You won't make any of that stuff until you wwwbeeg are older, beeg.coom but I want to do something for www beeg you, now. Lay on your back," I thought Dad would just rub beeg movies my wiener to get those good feelings going mom beeg in me. He did put his hand there as he kissed beeg ass my lips again. My neck was next. Kisses on my neck exited me, too. Then he stopped and licked both beeg coom of my nipples, and I never thought the feeling added to my dick being rubbed would be greater. But then Dad stopped rubbing, and I had beeg porn videos to wonder beegxxx why. Well, he needed xxx beeg to kiss my wiener. That made sense. I loved my body kissed, free porn beeg and why beeg-com skip that part? But, this was no ordinary kiss. The skinless head of that beeg. com dick disappeared into his mouth, then the whole shaft, as he bobbed his head up and down, and he rubbed my balls. 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I couldn't sleep" "Oh my, beeg xx Ed, I couldn't sleep either. I am so wound up. I just beegxx had to tell somebody. How in the hell begg does it happen that you are always beeg .com there when I need you?" "I've been thinking about beeg videos you and Dustin too, and I wondered if you https //beeg.com managed the boldness to make love to him this time." "My, I was such a fool for not realizing how ready he was, until you pointed it out to me. I couldn't help but see you were so right about how sexual he is. Let me tell you about it..." And so the conversation went on over computer, as Daddy related it to me. Daddy had found Ed on a boylover's group, and found him to be the only professed boylover whom he could trust. So, Ed was the man who had learned how to make love to boys, give them orgasms, and was teaching other men, men who would not rape, nor force a indian beeg boy in any way. Daddy and Ed both worshipped boys almost and put their pleasure as the first thing. It was Saturday xnxx beeg morning, and Daddy www beeg was sucking me off again, even before I fully awoke. Man, not only were orgasms so nice, but they came so quickly, as daddy knew how to touch my balls and boyhole. I erupted with my usual thrusts beeg beeg and moans, and then I turned over and stared my dad's tent pole in the eye. This www.beeg.com was the time I showed Daddy how much I wanted him to feel beeg x good too, and I loved kissing him anyhow. beeg come Why shouldn't I kiss his penis? I put my tongue beeg mature beeg tube on the head, which now was red. Dad gasped. I put my beeg beeg mouth over beeg porn the head as he hissed in pleasure. It was all I could get in, but Daddy had taught me how to bob up and down on an appreciative dick. I reached to fondle his balls after about the 4th time beeg milf I put my mouth back beeg sexxn on daddy's darkening dickhead, but those balls started twitching. 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Our buddy Ed and I have to talk" In no time, Daddy had let Ed fire up his web cam and put his image on the screen. Ed was topless, and had a lot of hair on his body, like Daddy did. beeg . "Dustin, beeg.c this is Ed, beeg hindi the man who taught me to make sweet love to you. Would you like to say hello?" "Oh yes Daddy, tell him how much I like Daddy's love and tell him I think he has as much hair on his back as you do." Well, Dad and Ed talked on, and Ed would end every sentence by putting an emoticon face that the ISP provided. I would just giggle beeh each time, and milf beeg say "Look what he's making the beegporn Wal-Mart face do now!" I felt very grateful to this man, beeg.con and happy that he was such a lover of boys, to make them feel beeg good and laugh. I asked Dad if I could kiss his beeg lesbian face on the screen. I almost thought Dad and Ed both would cry right in front of me. "Ron, do you think it is time to let Dustin see pics of boys and or men?" Ed asked my Dad. 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I wanted a finger up my butt badly, but as daddy slowly slipped a well-lubed finger беег in, I couldn't stand the discomfort, and he just stopped beeg moms and licked my little hole, in preparation for another blowjob before breakfast. That night, Dad and I took a real careful bath. I watched www.beeg.com Daddy scrub his crotch and his hole. We went straight to bed, and I still felt that he had kept part of his discussion with Mr. Ed from me. "Dustin, I www.beeg want to rub your penis. I'm going to use some Vaseline, and you can put some on me, too. " beeg porno Dad put me between his bee legs with our dicks beeg com. touching. Oh, wow, lubed b eeg handjobs were much better. But beeg sexxx Daddy had something else in mind. He kept rubbing beeg xx my penis against his dick, then beeg sex his balls, and finally, his hairy butt. Finally, I felt him guide the tip of my horny meat onto the entrance of beeh his man tunnel. "Dustin, this is something else Ed has taught me. He has done this with his last boy. He has been such a good Uncle Ed to his nephew who he did this with. Would you like to put your thing in Daddy's hole? I cleaned it for you." I was so thrilled that I let Dad guide my waiting boytool to his hole and he told me to push. It www.beeg..com was in! I felt so amazed and it felt so warm and tight, too. I already knew how to hump a hand or a mouth. This tunnel would be no different. Dad raised www beeg.com his knees, and I was humping to orgasm quickly. But I had to remember Daddy. I put both my lubed hands on beeg/ his rock hard dick as soon as I had my rhythm down. We smiled at each other, and I jerked his lubed cock like I wasn't goi